Handmade Hazel Fencing

Fencing / Hazel Hurdles

Hazel hurdles are naturally beautiful. They are durable for 5 to 10 years, and are particularly suitable for windy sites, as they filter the wind.

We recommend that the panels are erected using hardwood stakes, which we are able to supply.

Each order is made up individually to customer's specifications and can vary from low border edging to large panels for screening.

Hurdle work is seasonal so we take orders all year round, and make them up in winter/spring.

We can deliver and erect the panels as required.

To discuss, obtain a quote, or to order, please get in touch with your requirements.

The weaving of hazel hurdles is a traditional skilled craft practised today by Geoff Norton. In winter he cuts the woody rods in managed coppice woodland. The flexible rods are bundled up and taken to the yard where they are split with a bill hook and woven into panels. By late spring, when all orders must be complete, the hazel is fenced against deer and left to grow again.